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WEagle Eye is a manufacture of CNC machines, CNC Router, Laser, Plasma Surfboard Shaping, and polishing machines. Our CNC routers come complete, yes a true turn-key we supply you with the whole system, all you do is plug it in and you can start running the machine within minutes.

WWe also supply many company's with all there tooling needs. We are dealers for several bit manufacturers and if you need tooling or anything that is cnc related we have it or can get it for you.

Call our office and ask to order some bits. ph: 423-402-7957.

WWe have a wide variety of machines to handle every need you might have. Whether it's high production industrial grade or just a general hobbyist, we've got you covered!

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WThings you need to know about CNC Routers (Computer Numerical Control)...

WWhat are steppers? Steppers are a type of motor that works great for lower end to middle applications. They are designed for cnc machines that are not in high production scenarios. Steppers are designed for company's who want to get started in the CNC router industry without throwing a lot of money into the initial investment. Steppers can cost a fraction of its counterpart "servos". The only downfall to steppers is there lack of speed and torque.

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WWhat are Servos? Servos, now there is a loaded question. First you want to beware of the fake servos! This is a stepper type motor with an encoder on the shaft of the motor. Whats bad about this nothing except the fact that you will get charged a servo price but still be basically nothing more than a stepper. Torque and speeds will still not exceed that of a stepper.

WThere are a variety of servos with a variety of specs as an example there are servo motors that range from a 2,000 encoder count all the way to a 1,000,000 encoder count. The higher the encoder the more detail and accurate the servos will be. There is also AC Servos and DC Servos. Then you have the standard analog and the new fiber optic digital servos dealing with nano bits.

W There is a lot to think about when it comes to servos but no matter what without a good motion controller (the brains of the system). Everything else is just a moot point.

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WWhat is a Motion Controller? This is the brains of the system. There are several types of controllers out there. The most common are ones that we in the CNC industry classify as a general controller. These may or may not have any feedback capabilities from the servo drives. They work very well with steppers and other types of motors that do not have feedback positioning capabilities.

WHere is an example say you have a servo motor and the controller told it to move 10". Some controllers will send that info to the servo drive then the drive translates it to the motor, the motor then returns the positioning signal to the drive and then the drive takes that info and says yes or no the move is complete. If it is yes then the servo moves to the next step, if no then the servo will either fault or send a positioning command to the Motion Controller saying we failed to complete that move. Only your higher end industrial motion controllers have a complete loop system so that the drive and computer know exactly what each other is doing.

WWith most general controllers, only the servo drive knows what it has done, based off the signal sent which could or could not be a complete uninterrupted signal. In this case the computer is just for a visual reference, this means it is ignorant to the correct position and is only basing its position off what it actually sent to the drive not what the drive actually did.

Clear as MUDD...

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W Want to upgrade your old Machine?

W With the times we live in now, many are finding it easier and more efficient to just upgrade there old units. You can upgrade just the electronics or go ahead and upgrade the whole machine.

W We replace the old roller bearings with Hiwin linear rails. These rails allow for more accuracy and speed. Times have changed and every couple of months so does technology.

W To be able to keep up with production demands and competing with other company's on price you need to be able to produce just as quick, if not quicker.

W Let us help you with this, our upgrades are affordable and quick. Our last 2 upgrades were out in less than ten days. Now that's a turnaround!

WNeed Software?

W We carry a wide variety of software. From signmaking to cabinetmakers and industrial 5 axis software to entry level 3 axis machining, your covered here. Ask about our full package deals for machines and software.

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W List of brands we carry:

W Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Fagor, Microsystems, Hiwin, THK, HSD, Dynomax and Columbo Spindle.